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Confessions of a Nazi Spy quotes

Confessions of a Nazi Spy - timeline

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Wednesday 23rd February: FBI investigator Ed Renard orders the German steamship Bismarck detained from leaving New York Harbor. He arrests suspected spy Hilda Kleinhauer and, after presenting her with coded messages found in her belongings, convinces her to cooperate by identifying her accomplices in the United States. (New York, New York)

Sunday 1st May: A Grand Jury Inquiry commences for four of eighteen accused Nazi spies: Kurt Schneider, a two-time army deserter; Werner Renz, a private in the US Air Corps; Hilda Kleinhauer, a former beauty operator on the steamship Bismarck; and Max Helldorf, a technician at the Zenith Munitions Corporation of New Jersey. Things look up for the accused when the prosecution's star witness Johann Westphal, an airplane draftsman with Emerson Aircraft Co., disappears on the eve of the inquiry. (New York, New York)

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