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Movie history events from 1858

In winter, Bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz shoots the Speck Brothers and unchains Django. (Somewhere near Daughtry, Texas) (Django Unchained)

A man who is later killed by vampires is born. (Van Helsing)

23rd January: Around this time, no landing can be made on the island for the next five weeks due to bad weather. The Cook family, which has gone missing, begins to starve. (Bangor, Maine) (Offspring)

10th February: Millard Fillmore marries Caroline Carmichael McIntosh. (Albany, New York) (The Monroe Doctrine)

20th February: Captain Warren of Booth Bay finds the only survivor of the Cook family, Libby, around this time. (Bangor, Maine) (Offspring)

27th February: A newspaper article titled "LIGHT KEEPER, FAMILY MISSING" is published. It focuses on the Cook family. (Bangor, Maine) (Offspring)

1st May: Django and Schultz meet Calvin Candie at a club. (Greenville, Mississippi) (Django Unchained)

2nd May: Stephen writes a check for $68 to the Harris Feed Company. (Mississippi) (Django Unchained)

3rd May: Django Freeman and his wife Broomhilda escape. (Candyland, Mississippi) (Django Unchained)

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