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Movie events on the 17th June


Sir Francis Drake claims California for Queen Elizabeth I of England. (north of present-day San Francisco, California) (Elizabeth)


Battle of Bunker Hill begins. (Boston, Massachusetts) (Valley Forge)


Union Colonel Strong Vincent is born. (Waterford, Pennsylvania) (Gettysburg)


Daniel Nicholson alleged to have been born - later proved to be a lie. (Philadelphia, PA) (The Village)


U.S. President Herbert Hoover signs the Smoot-Hawley Tariff which raises duties on imports to astronomical heights in hopes of preserving the domestic market for American-made goods. (The Day the Bubble Burst)

New York District Attorney Jim Wade weds Eleanor Packer, the former lover of his best friend Blackie Gallagher. (New York City, New York) (Manhattan Melodrama)


Harry Stimson phones Harry S Truman and politely asks him not to make inquiries about a defense plant in Pasco, Washington. (Truman)


The break-in at the Democratic National Committee occurs. (All the President's Men)

Forrest witnesses the Watergate break-in and facilitates the burglars' arrest. (Washington, D.C.) (Forrest Gump)


O.J. Simpson arrested after flight from justice. (Los Angeles, California) (American Tragedy)


Costa's contract with someone is marked on this date. (Taking Lives)


Arthur Bach agrees to marry Susan Johnson so that his mother does not cut him off from $950,000,000. (New York City) (Arthur)

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