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Movie history events from 2026

The Ark, a portal to Mars, is discovered. (Nevada desert) (Doom)

Armadyne sends peacemaking humanoid robotic systems. (Pyonyang, North Korea) (Elysium)

The global human population is 15,453,120,330 (Elysium)

World War III begins. (Star Trek: First Contact)

Sunday 22nd March: Weyland Industries earns patent number 9,158,239 for a chemical composition of classified properties able to almost perfectly replicate the biological features and texture of human skin. (Prometheus)

Wednesday 3rd June: Weyland Industries earns patent number 10,445,075 for Method and Apparatus for self-adjusting crosshairs that auto-process windage, Coriolis effect, trajectory, etc. -- eliminating the need for spotters and mathematical formulas. (Prometheus)

September: The Miller family receives a Nurse Bot donated by OmniCorp. (Utica, New York) (RoboCop)

Sunday 13th September: Mail Online article titled "The New 'Face' of Rescue Workers" says that the Maldives have lost 40% of their landmass in the last decade and that OmniCorp CEO Raymond Sellars has donated millions of dollars in the name of philanthropy. (RoboCop)

Sunday 13th September: The Verge article titled "Nurse Bots: Upgraded from Kill to Cure" is published. (RoboCop)

Saturday 26th September: 17:43:54 in London, New York City, and San Francisco is the initial second after a jump cut in a video that depicts the effects of Simian Flu on cities. (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes)

Tuesday 29th September: An article titled "Robophobia is Killing Us" is published on (RoboCop)

Wednesday 30th September: Weyland acquires the world (Prometheus)

Thursday 5th November: CraveOnline article "Just the Bad Guys: Mexico's SuperMax Prison Trades Human Guards for Robots" is published. (RoboCop)

Wednesday 18th November: Weyland privatizes NASA (Prometheus)

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