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Saturday 28th March: Richard Phillips and his wife Andrea have a conversation about work. (Underhill, Vermont)

Wednesday 1st April: A date in Richard Phillips' email inbox.

Thursday 2nd April: A date in Richard Phillips' email inbox.

Tuesday 7th April: A piracy warning is issued.

Wednesday 8th April: The destroyer USS Bainbridge and the frigate USS Halyburton are dispatched to in response to the hostage situation (Gulf of Aden)

Thursday 9th April: A standoff begins between the Bainbridge and the pirates in the Maersk Alabama's lifeboat (Gulf of Aden)

Friday 10th April: Hostage crisis continues. (Gulf of Aden)

Saturday 11th April: Maersk Alabama arrives. (Mombasa, Kenya)

Sunday 12th April: Navy marksmen from DEVGRU open fire and kill the three pirates on the lifeboat, and Phillips is rescued in good condition.[ (Mombasa, Kenya)

Friday 17th April: Richard Phillips reunites with his family. (Underhill, Vermont)


Sunday 25th July: Captain Richard Phillips goes back to sea.

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