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Movie history events from 1953

Mathematician John Nash deciphers a Soviet transmission. (The Pentagon) (A Beautiful Mind)

The Hudson Hornet wins the Piston Cup. (Cars)

Mary Corleone born. (The Godfather)

Mary, future wife of Roy Porter, is born. (Sandford, Gloucestershire) (Hot Fuzz)

LAPD's 'Bloody Christmas'; 'My Funny Valentine' recorded by Chet Baker, and 'The Christmas Blues' by Dean Martin; 'Roman Holiday' in cinemas. (Los Angeles) (LA Confidential)

Victoria Lynn Riggs, future wife of Sgt Martin Riggs, is born. (Lethal Weapon)

Mona Lisa Smile. (Mona Lisa Smile)

Jody Pearson Jr. is born. (Phantasm)

A spaceship crashes carrying a strange visitor from another world. (nr Smallville, Kansas) (Superman)

Future police officer Arthur Shea is born. (Boston, Massachusetts) (The Town)

Dewey Cox performs for the first time at a talent show, inciting a near-riot. (Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story)

Earth invaded by Martians. (War of the Worlds)

James D. Watson and Francis Crick discover the double helix structure. (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Wednesday 7th January: Harry S. Truman tells the world that that the United States has developed a hydrogen bomb. (Washington, D.C.) (Truman)

Wednesday 14th January: Christopher Emanuel Balestrero is wrongly accused of being a bank robber. (New York City, New York) (The Wrong Man)

Friday 16th January: Tony Brancato and Anthony Trombino are machine gunned down in a car. (Los Angeles, California) (LA Confidential)

Wednesday 21st January: Deuce Perkins, Mickey Cohen's drug lieutenant and associate are machine gunned down in his Brentwood home. (Los Angeles, California) (LA Confidential)

Monday 26th January: 3 Nite Owl Killers, 1 Officer Slain in Bunker Hill Shootout. (Los Angeles, California) (LA Confidential)

Thursday 5th March: Stalin dies of a stroke. (Stalin)

Monday 16th March: Marilyn Monroe appears on the cover of Life magazine. (New York City, New York) (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)

Tuesday 21st April: Roy Cohn and David Schine return to the United States after a controversial investigation of United States Information Service (USIS) posts in Europe. (Citizen Cohn)

Saturday 6th June: "Sleepy" Bill Burns dies. (Ramona, CA) (Eight Men Out)

Friday 19th June: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg executed. (Citizen Cohn)

Monday 29th June: A stretch of Route 66 in Arizona is featured on the cover of Life magazine. (New York City, New York) (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)

Wednesday 19th August: The U.S. and Great Britain engineer a coup d'état that deposes Mosaddegh and installs Reza Pahlavi as shah. (Iran) (Argo)

Wednesday 14th October: Fred Friendly and Edward R Murrow begin to question Senator McCarthy's methods. (CBS Studios) (Good Night, and Good Luck)

Monday 19th October: Sig Mickelson convinced to run a story opposing Senator McCarthy's condemnation of Milo Radulovich. (CBS Studios) (Good Night, and Good Luck)

Tuesday 20th October: 10:30pm - Ed Murrow broadcasts news report claiming Milo Radulovich was wrongly accused of Communist tendencies. (CBS Studios) (Good Night, and Good Luck)

Thursday 19th November: Swan makes a deal with the devil that keeps him looking young for the next twenty years. (Phantom of the Paradise)

Friday 20th November: Billy Maharg dies. (Philadelphia, PA) (Eight Men Out)

December: Peter Appleton has a car accident and loses his memory - he awakes being told he must be Luke Trimble, a lost solider from 9 years previous. (Lawson, California) (The Majestic)

Sunday 6th December: Elwood Blues is born. (Cook County, Chicago, Illinois) (Blues Brothers 2000)

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