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Movie events on the 19th October


The Dowager Countess Madame Celine Villenueve Desgoffe und Taxis is also found dead in her boudoir. Monsieur Gustave H. and his ward Zero Moustafa travel to pay their respects. (Lutz, Zubrowka) (The Grand Budapest Hotel)


Sig Mickelson convinced to run a story opposing Senator McCarthy's condemnation of Milo Radulovich. (CBS Studios) (Good Night, and Good Luck)


Michael Myers is born. (Haddonfield, Illinois) (Halloween: Resurrection)


People write their names on a sign-in sheet at 444 Nahua. (Honolulu, Hawaii) (The Killing of John Lennon)


Harry Grimbridge attends a football game. (Northern California) (Halloween III: Season of the Witch)


Michael Archer is born. (Los Angeles, California) (Face/Off)


A solar flare destroys the Earth. (Knowing)

Everyone then on the planet dies. Other disasters predicted give a death count, this one simply says "EE", which the leads figure out means "everyone else", meaning everyone currently alive. (This does not turn out to be entirely accurate, since multiple pairs of children are rescued just before the solar flare that wipes out everyone remaining.) (worldwide) (Knowing)


Britt Reid takes the head off of a statue of his father and defeats criminals with the help of Kato. (Los Angeles, California) (The Green Hornet)


Congressman Cam Brady steals the car of the policeman that pulls him over for driving drunk. Brady then crashes the car into a cow. Political opponent Marty Huggins notified the police of Brady driving drunk after he finished drinking at his home. (Hammond, North Carolina ) (The Campaign)


A video of a Slender Man sighting is uploaded to the internet (Collegeville, Pennsylvania) (Slender Man)

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