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The Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 guarantees the right of a slaveholder to recover an escaped slave.


12th February: Abraham Lincoln, future vampire hunter, is born. (Hodgenville, Kentucky)


Abraham Lincoln defends a black boy named William Johnson. A vampire named Jack Barts causes the death of his mother, Nancy Lincoln. (Pigeon Creek, Indiana)


Abraham Lincoln's attempt to kill Jack Barts backfires when he discovers that he is a vampire. Henry Sturgess saves him and trains him to become a vampire hunter. (Pigeon Creek, Indiana)


Abraham Lincoln starts working for shopkeeper Joshua Speed. (Springfield, Illinois)


December: Abraham Lincoln meets Mary Todd and receives a letter from Sturgess with the name of his first vampire target. (Springfield, Illinois)


Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd get engaged. (Springfield, Illinois)

7th May: A newspaper says that six bodies have been found. These are the bodies of vampires killed by Abraham Lincoln.


4th November: Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd get married. (Springfield, Illinois)

18th November: Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed rescue William Johnson from vampire leader Adam. (New Orleans, Louisiana)


21st December: William Wallace Lincoln is born.


12th April: The Battle of Fort Sumter. (Fort Sumter, South Carolina)


20th February: William Wallace Lincoln dies from an illness caused by vampire Vadoma. (Washington, DC)


19th November: Abraham Lincoln delivers the Gettysberg address. (Gettysberg, Pennsylvania)


14th April: Henry Sturgess tells Abraham Lincoln that he could make him immortal, but Lincoln declines and hands his journal to him. He leaves with his wife to go to the opera. (Washington, DC)

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