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Movie history events from 1850

Huck Finn has adventures. (The Adventures of Huck Finn)

Hill Valley is founded. (California) (Back to the Future Part III)

The Scarlet Letter is published. (Easy A)

Hancock rescues Mary from their burning house. (USA) (Hancock)

John Hancock drags Mary Embrey from flames after a house-fire. (Hancock)

Alejandro de la Vega saves California's statehood and wins back his wife Elena from French Count Armand. (California) (The Legend of Zorro)

9th July: Zachary Taylor dies of cholera morbus. (Washington, DC) (Rebellion)

5th August: Guy de Maupassant is born. (Dieppe, France) (Guy de Maupassant)

9th November: Adam Ewing witnesses the lashing of a native. (South Pacific Ocean) (Cloud Atlas)

15th November: The day is spent arranging Adam Ewing's apothecary. (South Pacific Ocean) (Cloud Atlas)

16th November: A stowaway is discovered on the Musket. (South Pacific Ocean) (Cloud Atlas)

21st December: William Wallace Lincoln is born. (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter)

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