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Timothy Young is born.


Jeff and Lynn's daughter, Corbett, is born.


Jeff's son, Dylan, is killed by a drunk driver named Timothy Young. The only witness, Danica Scott, flees the scene.

Judge Halden sentences Timothy Young to six months in prison. Jeff swears revenge on those he believes responsible for his son's death.


Wednesday 24th March: Dr.Lawrence Gordon writes a report about John Kramer's inoperable frontal-lobe tumor.

May: Amanda Young meets John Kramer at her home and becomes his apprentice.

October: Jigsaw and Amanda begin constructing the Death Mask. Amanda has nightmares about Adam.

October: Amanda returns to the bathroom and smothers Adam with a strip of plastic. Adam's corpse is left in the bathroom with Zep's corpse and Lawrence's severed foot.

October: Amanda Young pledges her loyalty to Jigsaw/John Kramer. She is given her first assignment: Kidnap Adam Faulkner and bring him to the bathroom.


April: Eric Matthews bashes his ankle and escapes the bathroom. He fights Jigsaw's apprentice, Amanda Young, who leaves him to die.

Sunday 15th October: A man named Troy wakes up in a classroom with chains pierced to his body. Before he can get the last chain off, a bomb in the room explodes.

Sunday 15th October: Detective Kerry and Rigg's SWAT team discovers Troy's body. They believe someone else besides Jigsaw set the trap up since it was inescapable. Forensic Hoffman pockets evidence from the crimescene.

Monday 16th October: Detective Allison Kerry is kidnapped and placed in an inescapable trap that could open up her torso.

Friday 20th October: Jeff and his daughter, Corbett, are kidnapped by Jigsaw's second apprentice.

Friday 20th October: While Dr.Lynn Denlon is locked in the locker-room at Angel of Mercy Hospital, she is kidnapped by Jigsaw's apprentice.

Saturday 21st October: Lynn Denlon is forced to help Amanda Young keep John Kramer alive. When she gives John brain surgery, he hallucinates about his ex-wife, Jill.

Saturday 21st October: Amanda Young refuses to free Lynn, so she shoots her, failing her test. Lynn's husband, Jeff, walks into the room, shoots Amanda in the neck, and slices Jigsaw's throat with a power-saw, causing Lynn's collar to shoot her head. Jigsaw reveals via a tape that Jeff's daughter, Corbett was in danger.

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