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The Yakuza Papers 5: Final Episode - timeline

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Monday 23rd May: Sakichi Sugita, associate of the powerful Tensei Coalition, is murdered in the streets of the Takeya District by two armed recruits under orders from yakuza family head Terukichi Ichioka. (Hiroshima, Japan)

June: His term of office expired, 2nd Chairman of the Tensei Coalition Akira Takeda is taken into custody on charges of smuggling and illegal possession of handguns only hours after passing the chairmanship to his handpicked successor, Managing Director Tamotsu Matsumura. (Hiroshima, Japan)


Monday 15th September: Terukichi Ichioka, head of the Ichioka family, learns of the Matsumura-Makihara alliance and returns to Hiroshima to stir up trouble and regain the initiative. He is gunned down by Matsumura henchmen after a brief chase and gun battle. (Hiroshima, Japan)

Tuesday 16th September: Former Tensei Vice Chairman, Katsutoshi Otomo, is arrested when he walks out of his headquarters recklessly brandishing two pistols and heads straight into a mob of police officers; he is sentenced to six years. (Kure, Japan)


Tuesday 7th July: While strolling through the Naka Avenue Shopping District, family boss Masakichi Makihara is shot repeatedly and dies. His assailant, a yakuza recruit for the Hirono Family, walks away from the scene covered in his victims blood while his accompice cowers in a puddle of his own urine. (Kure, Japan)

Friday 18th September: While en route to his swearing-in ceremony in Osaka as Chairman of the Tensei Coalition, Tamotsu Matsumura's motorcade is ambushed near Imaike Station. Having switched places in the back seat with Vice Chairman Shoichi Eda, Matsumura escaped with a serious chest wound and his life while Eda died. (Nishinari, Japan)

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