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Sunday 19th April: Eliot Ness is born. (Chicago, Illinois)


Al Capone files his last income tax return. (Chicago, Ill)


Eliot Ness teams up with James Malone to take on Al Capone. (Chicago)

Sunday 14th September: Mobsters blow up a corner general store after the owner refuses to buy any more of their green beer. The bomb kills the store owner and a young girl. (Chicago, Ill)

Monday 15th September: Elliot Ness' first day on the job is a flop. His first bust yeilds bumberchutes instead of booze, but he receives a free lesson in law enforcement from Malone. (Chicago, Ill)

Tuesday 16th September: Eliot Ness receives a visit from the mother of the girl who died in the explosion. She thanks him for what he's doing. Ness seeks out Malone in an attempt to recruit him. Malone declines. (Chicago, Ill)

Wednesday 17th September: Oscar Wallace arrives from the Washington Bureau; Malone changes his mind. He and Ness recruit George Stone from the police academy. (Chicago, Ill)

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