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Walter Collins born.


James E Davis becomes Chief of Police (LA)


Friday 9th March: Walter Collins gets into a fight at school. (LA)

Saturday 10th March: Christine Collins returns home from an extra shift at the telephone company to discover her adolescent son, Walter, is missing. (Los Angeles, California)

Saturday 10th March: Walter Collins goes missing. (LA)

Sunday 25th March: Rev Gustav Briegleb preaches against police corruption. (LA)

Tuesday 3rd April: Christine Collins relentlessly makes phone calls to trace her son's whereabouts. (LA)

Saturday 18th August: A child is found matching Walter Collins' description. (Illinois)

Monday 20th August: Christine Collins is told that her son has been found in Illinois. (LA)

Saturday 15th September: Christine Collins is incarcerated in a mental asylum for refusing to accept a returned child as her son. Gordon Northcott's brother confesses that he helped Gordon kill 20 children. (LA)

Thursday 20th September: Gordon Northcott arrives at his sister's house. (Canada)

Wednesday 24th October: A demonstration takes place against police corruption, following the wrongful incarceration of Christine Collins. (LA)


Tuesday 30th September: Christine Collins receives a telegram saying that Gordon Northcott would like to tell her the truth about what happened to her son before he is executed. (LA)

Wednesday 1st October: Christine Collins meets Gordon Northcott to discover the truth about her son's demise, although Gordon decides not to tell her after all.

Thursday 2nd October: Gordon Northcott is hanged for the murder of twenty children.


Wednesday 27th February: Missing child David Clay is found alive and well.

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