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Necronomicon-Ex-Mortis disappears.


Sunday 2nd September: It snows on the day that Annie is born to Henrietta and Professor Knowby. (Tennessee)


The Evil Force possesses more people.


Thursday 1st October: Professor Knowby's wife Henrietta becomes a Deadite. He buries her in the fruit cellar. (Tennessee)

Friday 2nd October: Ash Williams and his girlfriend Linda go to the Knowby cabin. (Tennessee)

Saturday 3rd October: Ash becomes a Deadite for a few seconds before the sun shines. Later, the sun somehow goes down after a few seconds and Ash goes back to the cabin. He kills Deadite Linda and cuts off off his posessed hand with a chainsaw. (Tennessee)

Sunday 4th October: Ed, Bobby Joe, and Jake are dead by dawn. Ash kills Deadite Henrietta with his chainsaw hand. The posessed hand kills Annie Knowby, but not before she recites the passages in the lost pages of the Book of the Dead, sending Ash and his Oldsmobile into the middle ages. (Tennessee)

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