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Movie events on the 19th May


Anne Boleyn and her brother George are executed after being tried for adultery and incest, following the miscarriage her (and Henry VIII's) baby. (London) (The Other Boleyn Girl)


Nicholas and Joanna Van Ryn, powerful landowners, invite Miranda Wells, an ambitious farmer's daughter and distant relative, to live at their mansion on the Dragonwyck estate to act as a companion to their young daughter Katrine. (Hudson Valley, New York) (Dragonwyck)


Globe & Traveler headline: "EUROPE ON BRINK OF WAR." (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)


Jocelyn Brandon Esq., Chairman of the London County Fire Brigade, opens the Fire Brigade Recruitment Center. (London, England) (The Bells Go Down)


Sid Hatfield, chief of police of the town of Matewan and his deputies have a gun battle with the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency. (Matewan, West Virginia) (Matewan)


Ray Schalk dies. (Chicago, Illinois) (Eight Men Out)


'Too Much Spring' by Richard Collier opens; Elise McKenna visits him and presents him with a watch, before dying that same night. (Somewhere In Time)


Claire Keesey is born. (Boston, Massachusetts) (The Town)


According to a typo on the FBI document saying Claire Keesey is 30, this is when she is born. (Boston, Massachusetts) (The Town)


Fai Li is born. (China) (Contagion)

Sarah Connor submits her time card at Big Jeff's Burgers. (Los Angeles, California) (The Terminator)


"Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace" is released in theaters. (Fanboys)

Eric, Hutch, Windows and Zoe see the release of "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace". In the theater, they toast the memory of their late friend Linus. Eric asks "What if the movie sucks?" (Shandal, Ohio) (Fanboys)


Bob Wilton sees that the only part of his story that makes it on the news is the fact that soldiers have been forced to listen to the "I Love You" song, which is taken by people as a joke. (Ann Arbor, Michigan) (The Men Who Stare at Goats)


Bartleby is rejected by Northern Ohio State College. (Ohio) (Accepted)


One week before the Swan Lake recital. (Despicable Me)


Jake Sully arrives on Pandora and is shown his avatar for the first time. (Pandora) (Avatar)

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