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Movie history events from 2154

Max Da Costa is exposed to radiation and attempts to get to Elysium. (Los Angeles, California) (Elysium)

MedPod 3000 cures last known human disease. (Elysium)

Murph enters cryosleep (Interstellar)

19th May: Jake Sully arrives on Pandora and is shown his avatar for the first time. (Pandora) (Avatar)

20th May: Jake meets Neytiri, who takes him to her tribe. (Pandora) (Avatar)

21st May: Jake tries to ride Pale. (Pandora) (Avatar)

22nd May: Jake is taken to the Hallelujah Mountains. (Pandora) (Avatar)

30th May: Jake records a video log. (Pandora) (Avatar)

June: Jake continues learning the ways of the Na'vi. (Pandora) (Avatar)

29th June: Jake records a video log. (Pandora) (Avatar)

July: Dr. Grace Augustine uses her avatar to meet the tribe. (Pandora) (Avatar)

13th August: Jake Sully starts showing doubts about reporting in to his military boss about the habits of the Na'vi. (Pandora) (Avatar)

14th August: Jake earns his place among the Na'vi and mates with Neytiri. (Pandora) (Avatar)

15th August: The RDA destroys Hometree. (Pandora) (Avatar)

16th August: Grace dies. (Pandora) (Avatar)

17th August: 15 Na'vi clans made up of 2,000 people are united. (Pandora) (Avatar)

18th August: The military is defeated by the Na'vi, with Colonel Miles Quaritch shot by Neytiri's arrows. (Pandora) (Avatar)

24th August: Jake Sully ceases to be. Sort of. (Pandora) (Avatar)

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