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Movie history events from 1920

Emmett L Brown born. (Hill Valley, CA) (Back to the Future Part III)

Eric Liddell begins running seriously. (Scottish Highlands) (Chariots of Fire)

Charles Foster Kane runs for governor but loses after being caught in sex-scandal with a young starlet. (Citizen Kane)

Traudl Junge - future secretary to Adolf Hitler - is born. (Germany) (Downfall)

The 'City of Albany' central train derails killing hundreds of people, later to become a ghost train. (New York) (Ghostbusters)

Michael Corleone born; Theresa, Tom Hagen's future wife, born. (The Godfather)

At a dinner in his honour, Rasputin is poisoned, shot, stabbed, clubbed, castrated and drowned - he survives them all. (Hellboy)

Irving Steinbloom (future country music mogul) born. (A Mighty Wind)

Gerald Tovar is born. (Night of the Living Dead 3D)

Max Schrek, the last remaining vampire, cast as Nosferatu, a movie vampire based on Bram Stoker's creature; vampires saved from extinction and unleashed on modern society. (Romania) (Shadow of the Vampire)

Drayton Sawyer is born. (Newt, Texas) (Texas Chainsaw 3D)

Saturday 3rd January: Babe Ruth purchased by the New York Yankees from the Boston Red Sox. (The Babe)

Saturday 3rd January: Clive Candy is appointed commanding officer of troops in North China and relinquishes the temporary rank of Brigadier-General. (The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp)

Saturday 17th January: Drayton Sawyer, future father of Jedidiah, Loretta, Drayton Jr., Dunkin, and Henry Sawyer, is born. (Newt, Texas) (Texas Chainsaw 3D)

Saturday 24th January: Painter Amedeo Modigliani dies as the result of the severe beating he received in a mugging. (Paris, France) (Modigliani)

Sunday 25th January: Jeanne Hebuterne, fiancee to painter Amedeo Modigliani, grief-stricken over the death of her lover one day earlier and pregnant with his second child, commits suicide by intentionally falling from the fifth story window of their apartment. (Paris, France) (Modigliani)

Sunday 22nd February: Don Rafael Acosta born. (Miranda, most likely) (The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie)

Sunday 28th March: Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford marry. (Chaplin)

Wednesday 19th May: Sid Hatfield, chief of police of the town of Matewan and his deputies have a gun battle with the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency. (Matewan, West Virginia) (Matewan)

Wednesday 30th June: Dwight D Eisenhower and George S Patton demoted to Captain because of peacetime. (Patton)

Friday 23rd July: Future nightclub owner Victor Demond opens his first hamburger stand. He commemorates the occassion by stuffing and mounting his first burger. (Lambert Technical University, USA) (Sweetheart of the Campus)

Friday 20th August: Papa Justify records the voodoo spell Conjure of Sacrifice onto an LP. (New Orleans) (The Skeleton Key)

October: T.E. Lawrence starts to help Arabs to fight a guerilla war against the Ottoman Empire. (The Hitaz Region, Arabia) (Lawrence of Arabia)

Sunday 21st November: The Bloody Sunday massacre leaves more than 30 British and IRA troops dead. (Dublin, Ireland) (Michael Collins)

Sunday 28th November: The Mask of Zorro opens, starring Douglas Fairbanks. (Chaplin)

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