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Movie history events from 2158

Armadyne profits exceed $18 trillion for the first time in history. (Elysium)

Patel is elected 13th president of the Elysium Corporate Authority. (Elysium)

The global human population is 107,710,873,962. (Elysium)

After a year of isolation, with only an android barman named Arthur for company, Jim grows despondent and contemplates suicide until he notices Aurora Lane, a beautiful young woman inside a hibernation pod. He eventually awakens her, letting her believe it was also a malfunction. He tells Arthur to conceal what he has done. Devastated at having to live out her life on the ship, Aurora unsuccessfully tries to re-enter hibernation. Resigned to the situation, Aurora, a writer and journalist, begins writing about her experience (Somewhere in space) (Passengers)

13th March: Multiple stolen ECA hyfrecators are found at a port. (Johannesberg, South Africa) (Elysium)

17th March: Several humans are detained aboard an unregistered aircraft. (Tokyo, Japan) (Elysium)

20th March: Four men are arrested and suspected in trafficking HULC technology. (Los Angeles, California) (Elysium)

23rd March: Two women are arrested on suspicion of falsifying Elysium citizenship dataa. (Elysium)

28th March: Known weapons dealer detained for possession of Armadyne technology. (Elysium)

2nd April: 48 children are found in an abandoned bus; kidnapping suspect is at large. (Elysium)

10th April: 4 traffickers convicted in smuggling ring race; leader still at large. (Elysium)

15th April: 11 men sentenced to death for plot to hijack CCB drones. (Elysium)

20th April: Armadyne employee's death ruled a suicide. (Elysium)

24th April: 6 children convicted of mischief, fraud, and concealment of Armadyne weapons in orphanage. (London, England) (Elysium)

28th April: Mother of three convicted for life for grand theft auto and assault. (Elysium)

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