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Samuel Ludlow and fiance Susanna Fincannon arrive this summer for Susanna to meet Samuel's brothers and father. (Ludlow Homestead, Montana)

Sunday 13th April: William Ludlow laments his inability to properly raise his sons, saying he is better suited to leading soldiers. (Ludlow Homestead, Montana)


Wednesday 14th October: Alfred, Tristan and Samuel Ludlow leave home for Canada to join the war in Europe "to defend an England they've never seen." (Rocky Mountains of Montana, USA)


Wednesday 3rd February: Samuel Ludlow writes a letter to his fiancee Susannah describing his experiences in the war.

Saturday 20th March: Tristan Ludlow writes his father and Susannah about how he is being discharged from the British Army and how Alfred is bringing Samuel's heart home.

Tuesday 7th September: Alfred Ludlow writes to his mother about how he has found his place in the world describing his business opportunities in Helena, Montana. (Helena, Montana)


Friday 22nd February: Swept along by hysterical fears of treacherous German spies and domestic labor violence, the Montana legislature passes a Sedition Law that severely restricts freedom of speech and assembly. (Montana)

Saturday 20th April: Susannah Fincannon writes to Tristan asking if he will ever return and about Alfred's successful business ventures.


Friday 12th December: Tristan writes to Susannah telling her how he has become a hunter and that she should marry another man.

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