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Movie events on the 5th February


Millard Fillmore marries Abigail Powers. (Moravia, New York) (The Monroe Doctrine)


William S. Burroughs is born. (St. Louis, Missouri) (Kill Your Darlings)


"Modern Times" premieres in theatres. (Chaplin)


The "Voice of Terror" broadcasts a message. (Germany) (Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror)


Hans Akkermans is arrested by the Gestapo and makes a deal with them to turn in rich Jewish families to them. (Holland) (Black Book)


The Warren Commission releases a report on the apprehension of Magneto in New York. (X-Men: Days of Future Past)


Brian Slade fakes his assassination at the Lyceum Theatre. (London, England ) (Velvet Goldmine)


Byron de la Beckwith is convicted of the assassination of civil rights leader Medger Evers 31 years earlier, ending the lengthiest murder case in American history. (Ghosts of Mississippi)


Guardian reporter Joanna Noble receives an anonymous letter incriminating Adam Tallis, the celebrity mountaineer. (London) (Killing Me Softly)


Julie Powell has a row with her husband after a famous book editor fails to make it to dinner, after Julie has made two boeuf bourgignons. (Julie & Julia)


Walter finds out that there is a mysterious significance to the number 23. (The Number 23)


Doris Florence Binns dies. (New York City, New York) (Kick-Ass 2)


Britney Spears has her 23rd baby. Proud father Kevin Federline says he's now considering a job. Michael Jackson, the first man to clone himself, sues himself for molesting himself. Michael Newman is or isn't divorced and does or doesn't get a head injury. (Click)

The last superbowl takes place. (Oblivion)


Clifford H. McBride has his photo taken (Ad Astra)

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