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Movie events on the 3rd February


After 50 days in custody, the 47 Ronin are sentenced to commit seppuku for the murder of Kira Yoshinaka. (Lord Hosakawa's mansion, Japan) (The 47 Ronin)


The outlaw Belle Starr is killed when an unknown assailant fatally wounds the famous "Bandit Queen" with two shotgun blasts from behind. (Oklahoma) (Belle Starr)


Samuel Ludlow writes a letter to his fiancee Susannah describing his experiences in the war. (Legends of the Fall)


Joey Bishop is born. (Bronx, New York) (The Rat Pack)


Woodrow Wilson dies. (Washington, D.C.) (Wilson)


The German army at Stalingrad surrenders; Vasili sets out to search Tanya. (Stalingrad, Russia) (Enemy at the Gates)


"The Day the Music Died" - plane crash takes the life of Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and J.D.Richardson. (Clear Lake, Iowa) ( Bamba, La)


Elizabeth Lamb is killed in an accident at the Lillian Steel Plant. (Lillian, Ohio) (Super 8)


Weatherman Phill Connors ceases to repeat Groundhog Day and wakes up in the morning of the most beautiful day of his life. (Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania) (Groundhog Day)


Walter Sparrow's birthday, when his wife buys him a book: The Number 23. (The Number 23)


Antonio "Tony" Zamacona is ambushed and gunned down on the streets of Mexico City by a rival mafia crew. (Mexico City, Mexico) (7 días)

Michael Moore posted a note on the internet asking if any people are having problems with their healthcare insurance. Within a week, he received thousands and thousands of emails with healthcare horror stories. (Sicko)


Debbie buys a crib for Alison and Ben. (California) (Knocked Up)


Linda Gunderson and her husband Tulio Monteiro begin exploring the Amazon. (Brazil) (Rio 2)


Jackson Barnes, Anthony Martinez, and Lauren Griffin are hired to join G-Team. (Godzilla: King of the Monsters)

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