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Movie history events from 2018

Michael Newman is Architect of the Year. (New York City) (Click)

From London, virus crosses Schengen borders. (Europe) (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes)

John and Karen Brennick are imprisoned for attempting to have a second baby. (Fortress)

The last year in which intimacy is private. (Hot Tub Time Machine 2)

Noisy Boy is on North American soil for the last time before 2020. (North America) (Real Steel)

Northumberland loses contact with Pembury and Norwich (Northumberland, England) (Reign of Fire)

Caesar's IQ doubles over the next year. (San Francisco, CA) (Rise of the Planet of the Apes)

Jonathan E leads Houston to victory over New York in the World Rollerball Championships. (Rollerball)

Wren, Hallie, Chloe, and Katie summon Slender Man. A week later, Katie disappears. Sometime later, Slender Man drives Chloe insane. Wren searches for a solution while Hallie unsuccessfully attempts to move on. Soon, Lizzie, Hallie's younger sister, suffers a major panic attack and is sent to the hospital and sedated. Wren is killed shortly after and Hallie, realizing that the only way to save Lizzie is to give herself to Slender Man, sacrifices herself for her sister. Lizzie soon recovers (Massachusetts, USA) (Slender Man)

In 2018 Valerie and Ruth are taken away to prison after having lived together in London for three years. Valerie states “for three years I had roses” speaking of the flowers Ruth planted for her in the window box. (London) (V for Vendetta)

Dr. Gregory D. Burnett revolutionizes a method of growing synthetic stem cells. (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Bishop, a Camp X-Ray escapee, builds a global network of mutant resistance dubbed the Free Mutants. (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Friday 16th February: A video of a Slender Man sighting is uploaded to the internet (Columbus, Ohio) (Slender Man)

Thursday 3rd May: Grace Ann Bennett's passport expires. (Texas) (Monte Carlo)

Tuesday 15th May: A video of a Slender Man sighting is uploaded to the internet (Slender Man)

Monday 21st May: John Connor leads an assault on a Skynet Research and Development Facility. (Los Angeles, California) (Terminator Salvation)

Tuesday 22nd May: Marcus meets Kyle Reese and Star. They hear a message broadcasted on the radio by John Connor. (Los Angeles, California) (Terminator Salvation)

Wednesday 23rd May: Kyle and Star are taken by a Harvester. Marcus meets Blair Williams. (Los Angeles Basin) (Terminator Salvation)

Thursday 24th May: Marcus is captured by the Resistance. Blair helps him escape. (Los Angeles Basin) (Terminator Salvation)

Friday 25th May: Connor orders Resistance members not to attack Skynet Central. (Los Angeles Basin) (Terminator Salvation)

Friday 25th May: Marcus and John arrive at Skynet Central to rescue Kyle and Star. (San Francisco, California) (Terminator Salvation)

Saturday 26th May: After facing T-800s, John Connor blows up Skynet Central by sunrise. (San Francisco, California) (Terminator Salvation)

Saturday 26th May: Marcus Wright's heart is transplanted into John Connor's body. (California) (Terminator Salvation)

Thursday 8th November: Mystery novelist Harlan Thrombey celebrates his 85th birthday surrounded by his combative family at his mansion. Later that night, he dies. (Massachusetts) (Knives Out)

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