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Friday 22nd August: Marcus Wright is born. (Los Angeles, California)


Marcus signs his body over to Cyberdyne Systems before getting lethal injections. (Longview State Correctional Facility)


Monday 21st May: John Connor leads an assault on a Skynet Research and Development Facility. (Los Angeles, California)

Tuesday 22nd May: Marcus meets Kyle Reese and Star. They hear a message broadcasted on the radio by John Connor. (Los Angeles, California)

Wednesday 23rd May: Kyle and Star are taken by a Harvester. Marcus meets Blair Williams. (Los Angeles Basin)

Thursday 24th May: Marcus is captured by the Resistance. Blair helps him escape. (Los Angeles Basin)

Friday 25th May: Connor orders Resistance members not to attack Skynet Central. (Los Angeles Basin)

Friday 25th May: Marcus and John arrive at Skynet Central to rescue Kyle and Star. (San Francisco, California)

Saturday 26th May: After facing T-800s, John Connor blows up Skynet Central by sunrise. (San Francisco, California)

Saturday 26th May: Marcus Wright's heart is transplanted into John Connor's body. (California)

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