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July: Patriot Lou brings Nick, Jacob, and Adam Jr. to found America. (Washington D.C.)


15th April: In an alternate universe, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln is prevented. (Washington D.C.)


Wednesday 28th August: In an alternate universe, Nick Webber stands next to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during his "I Have A Dream" speech. (Washington D.C.)


Nick Webber "writes" Lets Get This Party Started


September: Lou Dorchen, founder of Lougle, appears on the cover of a magazine.


May: Lou Dorchen appears on a magazine.


Someone from an alternate future shoots Lou Dorchen in the dick.


The last year in which intimacy is private.


In one timeline, Nick Webber becomes known for a song called "Webber Strut," released on Yesterday's Tomorrow.


Neil Patrick Harris is president

Wednesday 26th March: Lou Dorchen, Adam Dorchen, and Nick Webber meet Adam Yates Jr. and try to solve Lou's murder.

Thursday 27th March: The day of Adam Yates Jr.'s wedding with Jill.

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