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Movie history events from 1862

Abraham Lincoln politely declines an offer by the King of Siam to send elephants to assist the Union against the Confederacy; the King of Siam falls for widowed British teacher Anna Leonowens. (Anna and the King)

6th February: General Ulysses S. Grant captures Fort Henry. (Northern Tennessee) (How the West Was Won)

8th February: Union General Ambrose Burnside scores a major victory when he captures Roanoke Island. (North Carolina) (Gods and Generals)

16th February: Amsterdam Vallon decides he will kill Bill 'The Butcher' Cutting after witnessing Bill's celebration of the murder of Amsterdam's father. (New York) (Gangs of New York)

20th February: William Wallace Lincoln dies from an illness caused by vampire Vadoma. (Washington, DC) (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter)

14th March: Battle of New Bern, North Carolina (New Bern, North Carolina) (Gods and Generals)

13th April: After Union Spies stole the locomotive, "The General", Johnnie Gray retaliates by stealing "The General" back. Johnnie returns the locomotive to the Confederates and burns the Rock River Bridge, cutting the Union supply lines. General Thatcher seizes the opportunity for a counter offensive and drives the Union forces back. Johnnie Gray is given a field commission for his heroic act. (The Rock River Bridge near Big Shanty) (The General)

24th April: Union Admiral David Farragut leads a flotilla past two Confederate forts on the Mississippi River. (south of New Orleans, Louisiana) (Hearts in Bondage)

12th June: Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart begins his ride around the Army of the Potomac during the Peninsular campaign, after being sent on a reconnaissance of Union positions by Robert E. Lee. (Mosby's Marauders)

23rd June: A newspaper article titled "REMAINS IDENTIFIED" is published. (Portland, Maine) (Offspring)

24th July: Martin Van Buren dies of heart failure. (Kinderhook, New York) (Amistad)

20th August: Horace Greeley's "The Prayer of Twenty Millions" is published. (Gangs of New York)

17th September: Confederate General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia and Union General George B. McClellan's Army of the Potomac fight to a standstill along a creek on the bloodiest day in American history. (Antietam, Maryland) (Glory)

17th September: Battle of Antietam: Union officer Capt. Gideon loses both of his sons on this day. Legend says Gideon killed over 100 men himself. (nr Sharpsburg, Md) (Seraphim Falls)

11th October: Confederate cavalry leader General J.E.B. Stuart loots Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, on a daring raid in the aftermath of the Battle of Antietam. (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania) (Gettysburg)

27th November: Robert Shaw starts training soldiers. (Readville Camp, Massachusetts) (Glory)

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