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The 47 Ronin - timeline

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1st June: Asano Naganori of Ako, enraged by continued derogatory comments, attacks and injures Kiro Yoshinaka, the corrupt Kozuke-no-suke of Tokugawa Tsunayoshi's shogunate; since violence of any kind is forbidden within the walls of Edo Castle, Asano is sentenced to commit seppuku that same day. (Edo Castle, Japan)


13th December: In defiance of the Shogunate, 47 loyal Ako vassals led by Oishi, former Asano chamberlain, take revenge on Kiro Yoshinaka by attacking his residence and murdering him; in honorable fashion, they surrender themselves to Lord Hosokawa and await judgement. (Edo, Japan)


3rd February: After 50 days in custody, the 47 Ronin are sentenced to commit seppuku for the murder of Kira Yoshinaka. (Lord Hosakawa's mansion, Japan)

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