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Movie history events from 1903

Peter Bailey starts running Building and Loan. (Bedford Falls, New York) (It's a Wonderful Life)

Clive Candy shoots a lion. (East Africa) (The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp)

The Smith family have themselves a merry little Christmas, despite having to leave St Louis. (Meet Me in St. Louis)

John M. Johnson Jr. is born. (Night of the Living Dead 3D)

Alexander Hartdegen travels back in time 4 years to try to stop his fianc (The Time Machine)

Sunday 4th January: Georg Elser, who would attempt to assassinate Adolph Hitler in 1939, is born. (Germany ) (13 Minutes)

Monday 16th March: Judge Roy Bean dies. (Langtry, Texas) (The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean)

Monday 6th April: Mickey Cochrane is born. (Bridgewater, Massachusetts) (Cobb)

Sunday 19th April: Eliot Ness is born. (Chicago, Illinois) (The Untouchables)

Saturday 6th June: Carla Hoffman registers to become a citizen. (Vandorf, Germant) (The Gorgon)

Friday 19th June: Lou Gehrig is born. (New York, New York) (The Pride of the Yankees)

Saturday 18th July: The date on the flyer for the Wild West Show that Cogburn sent to Ross. (True Grit)

Wednesday 29th July: Gretchen Bouman registers to become a citizen. (Vandorf, Germant) (The Gorgon)

Wednesday 12th August: Reuben "Rooster" Cogburn dies. (Jonesboro, Arkansas) (True Grit)

Saturday 15th August: Mattie Ross arrives at the Wild West Show and discovers that Rooster had died 3 days earlier. (True Grit)

Thursday 22nd October: Tom Horn is hanged in Wyoming for the murder of Willie Nickell. (Wyoming) (Tom Horn)

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