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Movie history events from 1827

Abraham Lincoln's attempt to kill Jack Barts backfires when he discovers that he is a vampire. Henry Sturgess saves him and trains him to become a vampire hunter. (Pigeon Creek, Indiana) (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter)

An African-American slave named Nelley is born. (Django Unchained)

Sarah Smooth dies. (The Roost)

26th March: Ludwig van Beethoven dies, and among his belongings are found the letters to the "Immortal Beloved", her real identity never been discovered. (Vienna, Austria) (Immortal Beloved)

12th April: Shaka Zulu and the European settlers eradicate the remaining forces of the Ndwandwe tribe. (South Africa) (Shaka Zulu)

17th May: Andrew Johnson marries Eliza McCardle. (Warrenton, Tennessee) (The Ordeal of Dr. Mudd)

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