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Movie history events from 1922

Future writer Briony Tallis is born. (Atonement)

Frida Kahlo sees artist Diego Rivera painting and seducing a nude model, she later gets into a bus accident and is impaled, but lives. (Mexico City) (Frida)

Demented Hills Asylum starts rectricting the disturbed. (Good Burger)

People in the alternate universe have self-feeding, self-healing, and self-modifying computers. (John Dies at the End)

Irish patriot Michael Collins dies. (Michael Collins)

A building that later becomes the Five Points Trinity Church is made. (Dallas, Texas) (Red State)

Millie Dillmount and friends smash a white slave trade ring run by Mrs Meers. (New York) (Thoroughly Modern Millie)

Tuesday 10th January: Arthur Griffith is elected president of the newly established Irish Free State. (Michael Collins)

Sunday 12th March: Jack Kerouac is born. (Lowell, Massachusetts) (Kerouac, the Movie)

Sunday 12th March: Jack Kerouac is born. (Lowell, Massachusetts) (Kill Your Darlings)

Saturday 20th May: Rudolph Valentino arrested for bigamy. (Los Angeles, California) (Good Night Valentino)

Tuesday 30th May: Former President Taft dedicates Lincoln Memorial. (The Winds of Kitty Hawk)

Saturday 10th June: Judy Garland (born Frances Gumm) is born. (Grand Rapids, Minnesota) (Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows)

Wednesday 28th June: The Irish Civil War between the IRA and the Irish Free State begins. (Ireland) (Michael Collins)

Tuesday 8th August: Alberto Granado, future friend to Che Guevara, is born. (The Motorcycle Diaries)

Saturday 12th August: The directors of the Supermarine Aviation Co. host a luncheon at their Works Assembly Shop on the occasion of the Schneider Trophy Race in Naples, Italy. The race is won by the Supermarine Sea Lion II designed by R.J. Mitchell, setting a record speed of 145 mph. Hoping to capitalize on the directors' good spirits, Mitchell approaches Commander Bride with his idea for a revolutionary design - the Spitfire; however, though Bride recognizes his flair for design, he feels Mitchell needs more "practical experience" and assigns him to the assembly shop for "a couple of years". (Southampton, England) (The First of the Few)

Tuesday 22nd August: Michael Collins is killed in an ambush. (West County Cork, Ireland) (Michael Collins)

Tuesday 22nd August: Michael Collins is assassinated by a member of the Irish Republican Army. (Cork County, Ireland) (Michael Collins)

Saturday 21st October: Hanna Schmitz is born. (The Reader)

Saturday 18th November: Marcel Proust dies. (Paris, France) (The Doors)

Wednesday 6th December: The United Kingdom and Ireland sign the Anglo-Irish Treaty, which establishes the Irish Free State. (Ireland; United Kingdom) (Michael Collins)

Sunday 24th December: Ava Gardner is born. (Smithfield, North Carolina) (The Aviator)

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