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Cyrus Rooney is born. (Tennessee)


In our world, Cyrus Rooney is gored to death while trying to crossbreed a bull with a Clydesdal horse. In an alternate universe, he lives and is perceived as a genius.


Cyrus Rooney's group has insectile machines.


Cyrus Rooney creates the first primitive thinking machine out of the brain of a pig.


People in the alternate universe have self-feeding, self-healing, and self-modifying computers.


Cyrus Rooney dies in the alternate universe. A sentient creature appears and carries on Rooney's work. (Shit Narnia)


Tuesday 30th October: During Arnie Blondestone's first year out of journalism school, he gets knocked cold for covering Devil's Night for the "Detroit Tribute."


In another dimension, The Morningside Tribune newspaper begins.


In another dimension, cigarette sales start getting low.


February: On the 37th of February in another dimension, The Morningside Tribune contains the headline, "Phenomenon Continues Around South Pole, President Urges Calm."

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