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Movie history events from 1913

The body of a rich industrialist is found at the building site of the Woolworth Building. The victim was kidnapped a year earlier. (New York) (The Bone Collector)

Mondoshawans return to Earth at the pyramids, to recover the four elements. (Egypt) (The Fifth Element)

Samuel Ludlow and fiance Susanna Fincannon arrive this summer for Susanna to meet Samuel's brothers and father. (Ludlow Homestead, Montana) (Legends of the Fall)

Beatrix Potter marries local solicitor and former childhood friend William Heelis. (The Lake District) (Miss Potter)

Karen Blixen moves to Kenya. (Kenya) (Out of Africa)

Clarissa, future wife of Drayton Sawyer Sr. and mother of Dreyton Jr., Jeb, Carrie, and Dunkin, and Henry Sawyer, is born. (Newt, Texas) (Texas Chainsaw 3D)

The All Spark is located by Sector 7. (Transformers)

Thursday 9th January: Richard M Nixon is born. (Yorba Linda, CA) (Nixon)

Friday 14th February: Jimmy Hoffa is born. (Brazil, Indiana) (Hoffa)

Tuesday 4th March: Woodrow Wilson takes office as the 28th President of the United States. (Washington, DC) (Wilson)

Sunday 9th March: Virginia Woolf delivers her first novel, "The Voyage Out". (The Hours)

Friday 14th March: John Hammond is born (Edinburgh, Scotland) (Jurassic Park)

Saturday 22nd March: Jack London writes letters to H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, and Winston Churchill, asking how much they are paid for their writing. (Jack London)

Sunday 13th April: William Ludlow laments his inability to properly raise his sons, saying he is better suited to leading soldiers. (Ludlow Homestead, Montana) (Legends of the Fall)

Monday 14th July: Future U.S. President Gerald R. Ford (born Leslie L. King, Jr.) is born. (Omaha, Nebraska) (The Commission)

Saturday 13th September: Orville Jackson born. He thinks it was a Friday. (Road to Morocco)

Thursday 18th September: First two rounds of the 1913 U.S. Open (Brookline, Massachusetts) (The Greatest Game Ever Played)

Friday 19th September: Final two rounds of the 1913 U.S. Open, which ends with a three-way tie between Britons Harry Vardon and Ted Ray and American amateur Francis Ouimet. (Brookline, Massachusetts) (The Greatest Game Ever Played)

Saturday 20th September: In an upset, American Francis Ouimet defeats Britons Harry Vardon and Ted Ray in an 18-hole playoff at the 1913 U.S. Open. He becomes the first amateur to win the U.S. Open. (Brookline, Massachusetts) (The Greatest Game Ever Played)

Thursday 25th September: Charlie Chaplin signs with Keystone. (Chaplin)

Wednesday 24th December: Filmmaker Leo Harrigan, having just discovered that Atlantic Pictures' studio boss H.H. Cobb has been recutting his romantic adventure two-reelers into slapstick nonsense, confronts Cobb at his lavish Christmas party, demanding a contract and more money. Cobb calmly fires Harrigan and his crew. (Los Angeles, California) (Nickelodeon)

Wednesday 24th December: Filmmaker Leo Harrigan makes his first trip to Los Angeles accompanied by his team of actors and crew. Dressed in evening attire, they take in a matinee and discover that their boss, Atlantic Pictures studio head H.H. Cobb, stole brief snippets from various Harrigan films, including "Rattlesnakes and Gunpowder", "Romeo's Balloon", "Pasha's Passion", "Caves and Clubs" and "Gunman's Guilt" and recut them into an incomprehensible mess called "Tuttle's Muddle." Angered by Cobb's betrayal, Harrigan steals the projectionist's copy of the film. Outside the theater, the film audience recognize Harrigan's actors Buck Greenway and Kathleen Cooke and proceed to tear pieces of their clothing for souveniers until they're down to their undergarments. (Los Angeles, California) (Nickelodeon)

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