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Wednesday 24th December: Filmmaker Leo Harrigan, having just discovered that Atlantic Pictures' studio boss H.H. Cobb has been recutting his romantic adventure two-reelers into slapstick nonsense, confronts Cobb at his lavish Christmas party, demanding a contract and more money. Cobb calmly fires Harrigan and his crew. (Los Angeles, California)

Wednesday 24th December: Filmmaker Leo Harrigan makes his first trip to Los Angeles accompanied by his team of actors and crew. Dressed in evening attire, they take in a matinee and discover that their boss, Atlantic Pictures studio head H.H. Cobb, stole brief snippets from various Harrigan films, including "Rattlesnakes and Gunpowder", "Romeo's Balloon", "Pasha's Passion", "Caves and Clubs" and "Gunman's Guilt" and recut them into an incomprehensible mess called "Tuttle's Muddle." Angered by Cobb's betrayal, Harrigan steals the projectionist's copy of the film. Outside the theater, the film audience recognize Harrigan's actors Buck Greenway and Kathleen Cooke and proceed to tear pieces of their clothing for souveniers until they're down to their undergarments. (Los Angeles, California)


Thursday 18th February: Director Leo Harrigan and film star Buck Greenway attend the premiere of D.W. Griffith's "The Clansman" [a.k.a. "The Birth of a Nation"]. (Los Angeles, California)

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