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Movie events on the 22nd March


Braxton Bragg is born. (Warrenton, North Carolina) (Journey to Shiloh)


Jack London writes letters to H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, and Winston Churchill, asking how much they are paid for their writing. (Jack London)


A woman and baby are victims to the Zodiac killer in their car. (Modesto, California) (Zodiac)


Lloyd Christmas drives Mary to the airport. He mistakenly believes she has forgotten her briefcase. (Rhode Island, Providence ) (Dumb and Dumber)


A date in Bob Wilton's passport. (The Men Who Stare at Goats)


Weyland Industries earns patent number 9,158,239 for a chemical composition of classified properties able to almost perfectly replicate the biological features and texture of human skin. (Prometheus)


The USS Kelvin was destroyed by Nero's ship, Narada travelled back from the year 2387. (Star Trek)

James Tiberius Kirk Born on shuttle craft having been saved by his fathers sacrifice (Shuttle craft of USS Kelvin) (Star Trek)

James T. Kirk is born. (Riverside, Iowa) (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

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