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Movie history events from 1897

Bram Stoker wrote the novel 'Dracula' which, according to Hannibal King, chronicles some of Dracula's adventures. (Blade: Trinity)

Demeter arrives with a silver coffin containing Dracula. (England) (Dracula 2000)

Gracie Mansion is purchased by the city of New York. (New York City, New York) (Ghostbusters 2)

Carmella (later to become Corleone) born. (The Godfather: Part II)

Serge X is born. (The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Basil of Baker Street defeats Ratigan, saving the Queen. (London) (The Great Mouse Detective)

Karl Rupert Kronen born. (Munich) (Hellboy)

Czar Nicholas uses a Faberge Egg. (Moscow, Russia) (Octopussy)

Captain Witwicky and his crew reach the Arctic Shelf discovering the Allspark (Arctic Shelf) (Transformers)

12th April: "The Cheat", working as an elevator operator at the H (Monaco) (The Cheat)

25th May: Jonathan Harker is en route from England to Transylvania to meet with an eccentric Count to discuss real estate transactions. (Budapest) (Dracula)

26th May: Bram Stoker's novel Dracula is first offered for sale. (London, England) (Vampire Secrets)

30th May: Jonathan Harker assaulted by lesbian vampire women. (Transylvania) (Dracula)

20th June: Count Dracula en route from Varna to London via the Demeter. (Atlantic Ocean) (Dracula)

21st June: An edition of The Illustrated London Mouse runs with the headline "Queen Honours Detective" and the subtitle "Queen Praises Detective Basil, Medal to be Given." (London) (The Great Mouse Detective)

22nd June: All the people of Great Britain rejoice in celebration of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. Her Majesty's procession pauses outside St. Paul's Cathedral to acknowledge the outpouring of affection from her people. (London England) (Victoria the Great)

July: Dr Abraham Van Helsing arrives to assist Dr Jack Seward in diagnosing Lucy Westenra's mysterious ailment. (London, England) (Dracula)

3rd July: Count Dracula arrives in London; all hands aboard the Demeter are missing. (London, England) (Dracula)

25th July: Jack London leaves for the Klondike to join the gold rush. (Jack London)

12th August: Jonathan Harker escapes Dracula's castle and takes refuge with the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, the abbey where he and Mina Murray will later be married. (Transylvania) (Dracula)

3rd September: Daniel Nicholson alleged to have died - later proved to be a lie. (Philadelphia, PA) (The Village)

17th September: Van Helsing, Harker & co destroy Dracula's lair at Carfax Abbey, but the Count escapes to take Mina as his bride. (London) (Dracula)

28th October: Dracula flees to his homeland by sea; Van Helsing & the others try to head him off at the Borgo Pass by train. (Atlantic Ocean, Eastern Europe) (Dracula)

31st October: Quincy Morris is killed in battle with the count's gypsies, Dracula dies by the hand of Mina Harker. (Transylvania) (Dracula)

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