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Movie history events from 1887

The bridge over the ravine is completed. (Hill Valley, CA) (Back to the Future Part III)

Grandma Death is born. (Donnie Darko)

Paolo Andolini, elder brother of the future Godfather, is born. (The Godfather)

Henry Ward Beecher in Proverbs from the Pulpit. (Good Will Hunting)

Captain Elliott Spenser (Pinhead) was born into the middle class British society of the Victorian Era (Britain) (Hellraiser)

The Island of Dr Moreau. (The Island of Dr. Moreau)

Redding is offered amnesty if he will surrender himself for a hearing. (Wyoming Territory) (The Jack Bull)

Chon Wang and Roy O'Bannon fight for the Imperial Seal. (London) (Shanghai Knights)

Dracula (Vladislaus Valerious) kills Dr Victor Frankenstein at Frankenstein's castle. (Transylvania) (Van Helsing)

26th February: Grover Cleveland Alexander is born. (Elba, Nebraska) (The Winning Team)

2nd May: Eddie Collins is born. (Millerton, New York) (Eight Men Out)

15th May: Painter Jolyon Forsyte, who has been living and working in France with his new wife Irene for five years, has an exhibition of his new work at the Elysee Art Gallery in Paris, attracting much attention, including that of Irene's ex-husband Soames Forsyte. (Paris, France) (The Forsyte Saga)

June: Jack the Ripper makes an attempt on Chon Lin's life. She uses her kung fu to defend herself and Jack the Ripper falls into the Thames River. (London, England) (Shanghai Knights)

June: Queen Victoria knights Chon Wang and Roy O'Bannon along with Arthur Conan Doyle. (Shanghai Knights)

June: Newly knighted, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle escorts the imperial seal of China from London, England back to the Forbidden City in China and begins writing the first Sherlock Holmes story. (Shanghai Knights)

20th June: Chon Wang and Roy O'Bannon thwart Lord Nelson Rathbone and Wu Chow's plot to assassinate Queen Victoria and nine other members of the royal family. (London, England) (Shanghai Knights)

20th June: Queen Victoria enjoys a fireworks display arranged by Lord Nelson Rathbone as part of the celebrations of her Golden Jubilee. (London, England) (Shanghai Knights)

15th August: Edna Ferber is born. (Kalamazoo, Michigan) (Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle)

8th November: John "Doc" Holliday dies from tuberculosis. (Glenwood Springs, Colorado) (Tombstone)

17th November: Bernard Law Montgomery is born. (London, England) (Patton)

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