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17th September: Battle of Antietam: Union officer Capt. Gideon loses both of his sons on this day. Legend says Gideon killed over 100 men himself. (nr Sharpsburg, Md)


Gideon, a commander in the US Army, orders the burning down of a deserted officer, Carver, resulting in the death of his wife and child.

July: Under orders from the U.S. Army, Capt. Gideon and his men arrive to arrest former Confederate officer Col. Morsman Carver. Capt. Gideon orders the torching of the barn, but the house catches fire as well. Carver's wife & family are killed in the blaze. (Seraphim Falls)


Former Confederate officer Col. Morson Carver tracks former Union officer Capt. Gideon from the Ruby Mountains into the desert near Carson City to avenge the deaths of his wife & family. (northern Nevada)

Carver and some hired men track and attempt to kill his former superior officer Gideon.

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