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Movie history events from 2024

A boy communicates telepathically with his dog as they scavenge for sex and food. (A Boy and His Dog)

Vic & his dog Blood meet Quilla June Holmes. (Topeka, KS & area) (A Boy and His Dog)

Armadyne develops the first AI that eclipses over the power of the human brain. (Elysium)

Apex wants the powerful energy from the Hollow Earth and employs Nathan Lind to retrieve it. Kong is used a guide. After a visit to the Hollow Earth and finding his axe, Kong fights Godzilla in Japan. Afterwards, they both team up to defeat Mechagodzilla, after which Godzilla goes back into the ocean and Kong moves to the Hollow Earth where Monarch continues to monitor him. (Hollow Earth/Earth's Surface) (Godzilla vs. Kong)

The ozone layer reforms, and Connor MacLeod battles to remove the artificial shield protecting the earth. (Highlander II: The Quickening)

The Hood tries to rob the bank of London and destroy the national economybut his plans are thwarted by International rescue. (Bank of London) (Thunderbirds)

Friday 10th May: Weyland military engineers make first significant improvement to rifling technology since the 19th century, tripling speed and doubling accuracy of projectiles. Exact rifling pattern and twist rate remain classified. (Prometheus)

Friday 21st June: David awakens in 2024, connected to a VR system. (Los Angeles, California) (The Thirteenth Floor)

Friday 6th September: Weyland Industries makes first foray into the luxury goods market with its Holographic Environment Simulator. It is the first HES able to accurately recreate the aesthetic, mood and sounds of any place in the known world, as well as provide live video feed from any calibrated receiver. (Prometheus)

Tuesday 10th September: Weyland Industries introduces first rifle able to track targets from over 500 klicks away, as well as determine target (Prometheus)

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