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Movie history events from 1775

24th May: John Hancock is elected president of the Second Continental Congress . (The Rebels)

10th June: John Adams proposes a Continental Army. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (The Rebels)

17th June: Battle of Bunker Hill begins. (Boston, Massachusetts) (Valley Forge)

27th June: Continental Congress resolves that Major Gen Philip J. Schuyler travel to Forts Ticonderoga and Crown Point to examine the troops, their supplies and their ability to navigate Lakes Champlain and George. (Alexander Hamilton)

23rd July: Eug (A small town approximately 50 miles from Paris, France) (A Scandal in Paris)

10th November: The U.S. Marine Corps is born. (Tun Tavern, Philadelphia) (Jarhead)

16th December: Jane Austen born. (Becoming Jane)

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