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Movie events on the 6th March


Mary Shelley finds out that her baby is dead. (Gothic)


The siege of the Alamo ends. (The Alamo)


George and Mary's wedding day (and the bank run) is likely set on March 6, 1933, the first Monday of the bank holiday imposed by FDR when he took office on 3/4/33. The suspension of all bank services caused mass panic and resulted in bank runs around the country. (New York, United States) (It's a Wonderful Life)


The Rosenberg trial begins. (New York) (Citizen Cohn)


Three members of The Weather Underground die in an explosion while making pipe bombs. (New York) (The Weather Underground)


Dodge and Penny meet with Dodge's father, Frank, and bond. When Penny falls asleep, Dodge puts her in the plane which his father pilots. (Somerset, New Jersey) (Seeking a Friend for the End of the World)

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