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Movie events on the 13th December


In defiance of the Shogunate, 47 loyal Ako vassals led by Oishi, former Asano chamberlain, take revenge on Kiro Yoshinaka by attacking his residence and murdering him; in honorable fashion, they surrender themselves to Lord Hosokawa and await judgement. (Edo, Japan) (The 47 Ronin)


Prof. Auguste A. Topaze is unfairly dismissed from his teaching position when the Baroness Hortense de la Tour complains that he won't show special treatment to her spoiled son, Charlemagne. (France) (Topaze)


'Wild' Bill Kelso lands an American fighter plane. (Los Angeles, CA) (1941)


Wassily Kandinsky dies. (France) (Six Degrees of Separation)


Alana Kane born. (Licorice Pizza)


Arnold "Chick" Gandil dies. (Calistoga, California) (Eight Men Out)


Swan has Winslow Leach sealedup, but he escapes and kills Beef so that Phoenix can sing his music. (New York City) (Phantom of the Paradise)


Truman tells Marlon that he is going away. The Island newspaper: CRACKDOWN ON HOMELESS Seahaven Island City Fathers say "Enough is Enough!"Officials Respond to Public Outery Over Nagging Problem. (Seahaven Island City) (The Truman Show)


Restauranteur Zinos Kazantsakis buys back the Soul Kitchen in a foreclosure auction for 200,015 euros. (Hamburg, Germany) (Soul Kitchen)


Jack Bruno's taxicab driver's permit expires. (Las Vegas, NV) (Race to Witch Mountain)

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