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Sunday 29th January: Day 1 of The Truman Show. (Seahaven Island City)


Truman Burbank is born, as is the world's biggest TV show as cameras begin to follow his every moment.


Wednesday 11th December: Truman Burbank sees a spotlight fall from the sky. Truman tells his best friend Marlon that he wants to go to Fiji. (Seahaven Island City)

Thursday 12th December: Truman sees a homeless man who looks exactly like his father. (Seahaven Island City)

Friday 13th December: Truman tells Marlon that he is going away. The Island newspaper: CRACKDOWN ON HOMELESS Seahaven Island City Fathers say "Enough is Enough!"Officials Respond to Public Outery Over Nagging Problem. (Seahaven Island City)

Saturday 14th December: Truman tries to book a flight to Fiji and take a bus to Chicago. He tries driving out of town and scares his wife Hannah. Marlon talks to Truman and reunites him with his father. Christof, the creator of The Truman Show, is interviewed. (Seahaven Island City)

Sunday 15th December: Truman acts as if he is having an uneventful day and escapes on a boat. (Seahaven Island City)

Monday 16th December: Christof speaks to Truman and tells him that he cannot leave. Truman speaks on live television one last time before escaping.


Truman Burbank discovers his life is a TV show, and escapes.

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