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Movie events on the 26th April


Francesco de' Pazzi is hung (Florence, Italy) (Hannibal)


Anita Loos is born. (Mt. Shasta, California) (The Audrey Hepburn Story)


Rudolf Hess is born. (Alexandria, Egypt) (Wild Geese II)


During a performance at the small punk club The Fleetwood, The Germs' lead singer Darby Crash is struck in the head by a beer bottle hurled by a disgruntled patron after ignoring repeated calls from the audience to "Cut yourself!" LAPD riot squad disperses the unruly crowd. Backstage afterward, Crash learns that The Germs' drummer, Don Bolles, has started up a joke band on the side called Vox Pop, in which he plays lead guitar while wearing a leather skirt. (Redondo Beach, California) (What We Do Is Secret)


Chernobyl disaster. Hybra Tech gets on the front lines of the effects. (Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis)

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant melts down, causing a spike in premature mutant expressions for generations. (Chernobyl, Ukraine) (X-Men: Days of Future Past)


In the morning, Aron meets two hikers named Kristi and Megan. Around 3 PM, he gets stuck in a narrow passage when a boulder traps his arm. (Blue John Canyon, Utah) (127 Hours)

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