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Friday 26th September: Darby Crash, future founder and frontman for the punk rock band The Germs, is born Jan Paul Beahm in Los Angeles, California. (Los Angeles, California)


Sunday 4th September: At a fan-packed performance at the nightclub The Masque, Darby Crash, lead singer of the punk band The Germs, deliberately cuts his bare chest with a knife onstage. (Hollywood, California)


Tuesday 31st October: Darby Crash and The Germs are forcibly ejected from the Roosevelt Hotel after Crash intentionally smashes a ceiling mirror as part of their performance. During the subsequent melee, Crash attempts to incite the agitated crowd to riot, yelling: "We can burn this place to the ground!" (Hollywood, California)


Thursday 26th April: During a performance at the small punk club The Fleetwood, The Germs' lead singer Darby Crash is struck in the head by a beer bottle hurled by a disgruntled patron after ignoring repeated calls from the audience to "Cut yourself!" LAPD riot squad disperses the unruly crowd. Backstage afterward, Crash learns that The Germs' drummer, Don Bolles, has started up a joke band on the side called Vox Pop, in which he plays lead guitar while wearing a leather skirt. (Redondo Beach, California)

November: After meeting Darby Crash at a nightclub engagement of the joke band Vox Pop, documentarian Penelope Spheeris rents the Cherrywood Studios soundstage to film a performance of The Germs for her chronicle of the L.A. Punk Scene, The Decline of Western Civilization. Crash gets high on heroin before the performance and collapses unconscious before he's finished. The image of the near-lifeless Crash became the seminal image of the film and the era. (Los Angeles, California)


Wednesday 3rd December: The punk rock band The Germs give their farewell performance at The Starwood Night Club in West Hollywood, California. Afterward, lead singer and founder Darby Crash is unsuccessful at getting any of his bandmates to join him for a nostalgic final party at Oki Dog. (West Hollywood, California)

Sunday 7th December: Punk singer Darby Crash of The Germs deliberately injects himself with a lethal dose of heroin. Friends and bandmates learn about his death the following day. (Los Angeles, California)

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