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Movie history events from 1868

Industrial rivals, a crewman and a stowaway girl ride a rocket launched by cannon in 1868 Florida. (Florida) (From the Earth to the Moon)

Confederate Army Cavalry officer John Carter searches for gold and flees from the 7th cavalry and Apache Indians. He finds a cave of gold where he sees a Thern and activates a medallion that takes him to the planet Barsoom, known to him as Mars. (Fort Grant Outpost, Arizona) (John Carter)

Former Confederate officer Col. Morson Carver tracks former Union officer Capt. Gideon from the Ruby Mountains into the desert near Carson City to avenge the deaths of his wife & family. (northern Nevada) (Seraphim Falls)

Carver and some hired men track and attempt to kill his former superior officer Gideon. (Seraphim Falls)

Kitty does not think of Dr.Jekyll's work for the next 6 years. (London, England) (The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll)

Two cowboys take on a mad professor with mechanoid arachnid. (Wild Wild West)

13th March: President Andrew Johnson's impeachment trial begins; Representative Stevens acts as prosecutor. (Washington, D.C.) (Tennessee Johnson)

2nd June: Professor Arronax and his crew escape the Nautilus. (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)

19th June: Father De Smet talks peace with Sitting Bull. (Montana) (The Flaming Frontier)

23rd June: Adam and Eve (no relation to the other ones, probably) have their third wedding. (Only Lovers Left Alive)

24th November: Scott Joplin is born. (Texarkana, Arkansas) (Scott Joplin)

8th December: Captain Farragut announces that the search for a sea monster is being abandoned. (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)

28th December: There is a major storm at sea, but the vessel Nautilus cruises serenely beneath the waves. (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)

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