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Movie history events from 1901

Sigmund Freud is kidnapped by two high-school students from the future. (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure)

Alferd Packer is released from incarceration. (Cannibal! The Musical)

Antonio Andolini, his wife and son Paolo are murdered, leaving their younger son Vito an orphan. (The Godfather: Part II)

A young boy named Vito Andolini arrives in Ellis Island and is quarinteened for smallpox soon after. (Ellis Island, New York) (The Godfather: Part II)

Bill Miner, "The Gentleman Bandit", is released from San Quentin. (The Grey Fox)

The hottest resort in Santa Carla is built on the fault. (Santa Carla, California) (The Lost Boys)

7th January: Alfred Packer is paroled. (Colorado) (The Legend of Alfred Packer)

22nd January: Queen Victoria dies. (Mrs. Brown)

22nd January: J.B. Books, famous shootist, rides into town. (Carson City, NE) (The Shootist)

29th January: J.B. Books dies from gunshot wounds during a shoot-out. (Carson City, NE) (The Shootist)

22nd April: President William McKinley enlists Navy Lt. Richard L. Perry to secretly infiltrate a gang of bank robbers in order to discover the identity of their ringleader who resides somewhere high in the ranks of the federal government. (Washington D.C.) (This is My Affair)

7th May: Gary Cooper is born. (Helena, Montana) (Marlene)

20th June: Edward Cullen born. (Twilight)

27th July: Rudy Vallee is born. (Island Point, Vermont) (Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees)

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