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Movie events on the 11th August


Donna Sheridan spends the night with Harry Bright on the island of Kalokairi, potentially conceiving her daughter, Sophie. (Kalokairi) (Mamma Mia!)


Cuban refugees of Cuba begin rioting in "Freedom Town" and Tony Montana earns his green card and a job by killing Rubenga. (Miami, Florida) (Scarface)


The wedding of Amy Ellis to Edward Fletcher-Wooten. (The Wedding Date)


Julie Powell makes her first blog post in making every recipe from Julia Child's first cookbook (Julie & Julia)


May McGorvey dies in hospital; Brad Adamson and Sarah Pierce nearly elope. (Little Children)


Amy Winehouse has to go to rehab at 2 PM. (Disaster Movie)


Wikus Van De Merwe escapes from MNU Headquarters. (Johannesburg, South Africa) (District 9)


Significantly upgraded space suit includes a variety of Weyland patented features, such as cadium exo-skeleton; info display with mission details; vitals: environmental stats and more. (Prometheus)

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