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Wednesday 28th May: Michael Jerome Williams, Jr. is born. (Memphis, Tennessee)


Leigh Anne Tuohy's father dies. (Memphis, Tennessee)


Wednesday 26th November: Sean Tuohy Jr's Thanksgiving pageant takes place at his middle school. Michael Oher spends the night at the Touhy house. (Memphis, Tennessee)

Thursday 27th November: Michael Oher spends Thanksgiving with the Tuohys. (Memphis, Tennessee)

Friday 28th November: Leigh Anne Tuohy takes Michael shopping. (Memphis, Tennessee)

December: Michael Oher and the Tuohy family take a picture for their Christmas card. (Memphis, Tennessee)

Monday 1st December: Leigh Anne Tuohy drives Michael Oher to school. (Memphis, Tennessee)


Michael Oher is adopted by the Tuphys. Miss Sue tutors him so that he can get good grades. (Memphis, Tennessee)

March: Michael Oher begins playing football at Briarcrest Christian School in spring. (Memphis, Tennessee)

May: Michael Oher graduates from Briarcrest Christian School. (Memphis, Tennessee)

Saturday 17th July: Michael Oher's driver's license is issued. (Memphis, Tennessee)


Saturday 25th April: Baltimore Ravens pick Michael Oher in the 2009 NFL Draft. (New York City)

Thursday 28th May: Michael Oher's driver's license is expires.

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