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Living on Velvet - timeline

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Thursday 2nd February: Henry L. Parker, his wife and daughter perish in a private airplane crash. His son, Terrence C. Parker, who was at the controls, escaped unhurt. (Newport, Conn.)

Saturday 15th April: Terrence C. Parker, son of the late Henry L. Parker, disappears two months arter surviving the same plane crash that killed his father. Many friends and business associates ask police to aid in the search. (Newport, Conn.)


Sunday 18th February: Terrence C. Parker, missing since April 1933, was discovered flying in the Chinese Air Service. (Shanghai, China)

Sunday 5th August: Terrence C. Parker of New York, who was taken into custody last week for continued flying, despite official warning, above border fortifications, was today released at the instigation of the American consul. (Carracas, Venezuela)

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