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Movie history events from 2159

The year Bernie Madoff gets out of jail. (New York City) (The Other Guys)

Over the next year, the Jim and Aurora fall in love. Just before Jim intends to propose to Aurora, Arthur inadvertently reveals the truth about her awakening, after Aurora tells him that she and Jim do not keep secrets from one another. A distraught and enraged Aurora berates, shuns, and even physically attacks Jim. She furiously rejects his apologies and avoids contact with him. Sometime later, another pod failure awakens Gus Mancuso, a deck chief officer. Using Gus' personnel code, the group accesses the ship's bridge (which Jim unsuccessfully tried to breach). They discover multiple cascading failures throughout the ship's systems, but the computer does not reveal the cause. If left unrepaired, the ship will inevitably fail, causing the passengers and crew to perish. Gus realizes that Jim awakened Aurora; Gus does not condone Jim's actions but understands and tells Aurora that a "drowning man" (meaning the suicidal Jim) will grab onto any lifeline. When Gus falls critically ill, the ship's automated medical suite, the Autodoc, diagnoses pansystemic necrosis and gives him hours to live. Gus attributes it to his hibernation pod's multiple failures. Before dying, Gus gives Jim and Aurora his ID badge and employee code to access crew-only areas, so he and Aurora can try to repair the ship. Jim and Aurora eventually repair the ship (Somewhere in space) (Passengers)

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