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Movie history events from 2092

Cooper and Amelia return to the Endurance from Miller’s Planet. Due to relativity Cooper and Amanda had only been on Miller’s Planet for three hours while 23 years had gone by on Earth and the Endurance. Murph is now 35 and works with an aging Professor Brand at NASA working on an equation to harness gravity. Tom, meanwhile, is 40, married, has already lost a child to Earth's increasing dust storms, and is on track to lose another. Cooper, Amelia and Romilly head over to Mann’s Planet and awaken Dr. Mann from cryosleep. Dr. Mann betrays the crew of the Endurance, causes Romilly’s death and tries to hijack the Endurance which leads to his death and the destruction of a portion of the ship. Professor Brand passes away. Murph begins a relationship with NASA coworker Getty (Interstellar)

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